How To Spend an Awesome Night in LA

An aerial view of Los AngelesAside from being a cultural melting pot, there are a number of reasons why Los Angeles is one of the most loved cities in the world. Notwithstanding the traffic, LA always has something to offer from big parades to movie stars. It’s also a drive away from a lot of exciting places such as Las Vegas and San Francisco, so you’ll technically not run out of things to do.

But how’s a night in Los Angeles? Should you be hitting the clubs and wait for the stars? Or should you be strolling along the beach in Santa Monica? Here’s a little treat for LA-goers:

Start at LACMA

Before the sun sets, head to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). See the Levitated Mass, which is a 340-ton granite and concrete mass suspended above a trench or check out various exhibitions.

Get your groove on

How’s a bit of singing afterward? There are plenty of karaoke places in Los Angeles where you can unleash your inner Justin or Beyoncé. Maybe you’re more inclined to do some “Gangnam Style” at a Korean karaoke bar. Whatever fancies you, singing to your heart’s content is always a good way to fuel an exciting night.

Dance the night away

Hitting the clubs in LA is a must. From funky tunes of the 80s to EDM and underground techno, LA has all the right places to party. And even if you’re not up to bass-driven beats, you can still get a dose of laid-back, soulful tunes in the city’s speakeasy nightclubs.

Relax at the beach

Rough night? Head to Santa Monica, LA’s beach-side city, and take a photo of the iconic Ferris Wheel at the pier. Even at midnight, you can experience a free historical walk. The pier has plenty of food carts too in case you get hungry.