The Big Winner: Locum Tenens Jobs Boost Patient Care

A doctor consulting with a patientThe practice of locum tenens or the temporary placement of medical professionals in a certain healthcare facility is steadily rising as it successfully fills the hiring gap in many healthcare facilities. In the field of orthopedics where there are various areas of specializations, locum tenens are always in demand, and the trend is expected to continue.

More Locum, Better Healthcare

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons forecasts locum tenens orthopedic surgery jobs to increase in the coming years, as seen in major health indicators, like the rise in reconstructive surgeries among the elderly as well as workplace and sports-related injuries. Those specializing in the orthopedic field have more options to look forward to when it comes to practising their skills.

Where this trend is concerned, a locum tenens staffing arrangement favors both the physician and the facility. As explains, while working in the interim, locum tenens orthopedic surgeons are matched with the jobs they love while healthcare facilities are staffed with the specific talent they need, which makes a difference all the time.

Winners in the World of Locum Tenens

1. Patients – the big winner as they are assured of continuous treatment and care with a steady stream of doctors who will attend to them.

2. Physicians – compared to a full-time, permanent practice, locum tenens orthopedic surgeons manage their own time, help them gain skills through different treatment environments and enable them to earn more.

3. Healthcare operators – efficiently address operations constraints like an inadequate medical staff and the rising cost of hiring and keeping regular physicians.

4. Orthopedic industry – expansion of the orthopedic care network as many locum tenens surgeons meet and work alongside each other, sharing and exchanging expertise and skills.


Being a locum tenens orthopedic surgeon has its perks both financially and professionally, but the most important reward is the lasting personal fulfillment of being able to find the right fit.