5 Fun and Quick Costume Ideas for Girls

Party costumesAttending a costume party is a lot of fun. The challenge, however, often lies in coming up with a cool costume idea — especially when you don’t have the luxury of time.

If you’re not fond of wearing those cheap-looking, store-bought costumes, here are some great ideas that will surely spark your creativity.

1. Cowgirl

This one’s a pretty traditional idea but is really cool nonetheless. Plus, it’s really easy to rock! Just look for a plaid shirt in your closet along with a pair of jeans and a red handkerchief or scarf to tie around your neck. In case you don’t own a hat, just search online for a women’s straw cowboy hat and get yourself one. Style your hair in pigtails, and you’re ready.

2. Zombie

Zombies are very popular these days. All you will need is to get some old clothes dirty, splatter some fake blood, and check out some zombie makeup tutorials on the internet. You’ll be scaring the heck out of everyone for sure.

3. Superhero

Get a tight blue long-sleeved shirt and print the iconic S emblem, and viola, you’re Supergirl! Your next job is to complete the look by getting a red skirt and a long red cloth as a cape.

4. Celebrity

Love Miley Cyrus? Or Jennifer Lawrence perhaps? Google a picture of your favorite celebrity and try to copy their looks — from the makeup to the clothes they wear. As a tip, go for iconic stars so it would be easily recognizable.

5. Bank Robber

This would be fun if you can go as a group, but it would still work if you do it alone. To dress up as a bank robber, all you need is a black beanie, a pair of black pants, black gloves, and a striped shirt. Of course, don’t forget the toy gun and the domino mask. Carrying a bag of play money is completely optional. Although it would also be a nice touch.

With these simple but fun ideas, it is indeed possible to look awesome without breaking the bank.