Signs that Older Adults Need Help

Senior woman shaking hands with a another personSeveral health issues plague the elderly. With their compromised health and weaker immune system, they are more prone to certain illnesses. There’s also their mental state to think about. If you’re caring for an elderly at home or visiting one in assisted living, you should look for the following signs that they need special care:

Self-inflicted Wounds

Part of administering adult care is making sure they take their medications on time. These medications are important in helping them function in the right mindset and health condition. However, with their weakening memory, they may forget to take certain medications at the right time. This leads to cases of self-inflicted wounds and other dangers, such as falling and tripping. This also highlights the importance of having someone to check on the elderly and to see to their needs.

Weight Loss

The appetite of the elderly is not similar to the appetite of a person in their twenties. There may be diet restrictions in place. You also need to remember that forgetfulness is a growing concern associated with old age. If your older adult is losing weight, they may not be getting enough nutrients or rest. It’s time to discuss some changes with your Lehi health provider or to look for a different clinic that specializes in the care for older adults.

Dressing Poorly

Dementia may develop at an earlier age in some adults. You can’t ignore the possibility of dementia just because your parents are not considered old enough to be at risk. In the case of early onset dementia, you may notice your parents dressing up in mismatched socks or even forgetting an important piece of clothing. If this happens often, take them to a specialist as soon as possible to get them diagnosed and start receiving special care.

Caring for adults needs a little more attention to detail. They may not be saying there’s something wrong, but their actions could say a lot.