5 Recommended Ways of Taking a Knocked-out Tooth to a Dentist

Child With Knocked Out ToothKids can get rowdy, and adults sometimes get into accidents. To save a knocked-out tooth, you must act quickly but appropriately. You should keep the tooth moist and take it to a dentist or endodontist, ideally, within 30 minutes. Here are ways you can preserve a knocked-out tooth while on your way to the emergency room, according to a top dentist in Walsall:

1. Put the Tooth in Your Mouth.

If there is no risk of swallowing the tooth, you can keep it in your mouth. You can hold the tooth next to the cheek, under the tongue, or between lower lip and gum.

2. Use a Tooth Preservation Device.

If you have an emergency tooth-saving kit, put the knocked-out tooth in the provided liquid solution.

3. Drop the Chopper into a Glass of Milk.

If you can’t re-insert an adult tooth or you’re dealing with a baby tooth, you can place it in any clean container and cover it with some cow’s milk.

4. Preserve the Tooth in Saliva.

If you don’t have milk or tooth preservation kit, you can have the kid spit into a cup. Put the chopper in the cup with the saliva.

5. Reinsert the Tooth.

Although this is a bit more gnarly than the other options, you can try to put the chopper back in position. Hold the tooth by its crown and put it back into its socket, so it’s level with other choppers. Gently bite down on a handkerchief, gauze or wet tea bag to keep the tooth in place. However, never try to reinsert a baby tooth. You may damage the permanent tooth growing underneath.

Millions of teeth are knocked out each year in kids and adults. If this happens to you, you should locate the knocked-out tooth immediately, pick it up without touching its root, lick it or gently rinse it with water if it’s dirty, keep it moist and bring it with you to the emergency appointment. Whichever way you take the tooth to the dentist, the essential thing is to keep it moist always.