Critical Website Elements For Your Company Website

a woman checking the fundamentals of web design in a mobile phoneWith more and more new businesses opening up in Salt Lake City, a company website is no longer optional. Most consumers prefer the convenience of doing their business on their personal devices. When you hire someone to do your website design in Utah, make sure your site will have the following:

Fast Load Speed

Your consumers’ attention span could last seconds in this age of instant information. It’s not surprising that they want your website to load almost immediately, even if they are on mobile phones. If you fail to give them that, they’ll be gone before your website can make its pitch. To make your site load faster, optimize the page’s elements and avoid using flashy features. If possible, have a separate layout specifically made for mobile users.

Instinctive Page Layout

Clients go to your website to know more about you and the services you provide. Your menu should be easy to find, and navigation should be easy. Use internal links wisely; there should be no orphan pages so that all of them can be accessed. Be concise and straight to the point. No one has time to read filler.

Colors and Fonts

There was a time when colorful websites were everywhere and no one complained. These days, however, a minimalist design is more favorable. Draw attention to what you are saying, rather than distracting a client with your barely readable font and color combinations that hurt the eyes.

There is no single way to design a website. Websites should not only be informative, but also showcase your brand’s identity. Not only would you want customers to use your services, but you’d also want them to remember you and stand out from the competition.