Top Techniques to Upsell Effectively

Upsell conceptUpselling is the strategy to sell an expensive version of an item that someone is about to buy or already has; this includes more features or other add-ons. Applying this sales technique has the potential to improve customer relationships and boost your profits.

However, it can also backfire and come off as pushy, reducing rapport with its clients. Retail sales training experts cite the following ways on how you can maximize upselling.

Relevance to Original Purchase

One of the examples of upselling is whenever you go to a Burger King, and the cashier asks you if you want a larger drink and bigger fries with your order. This upsell is relevant to the purchase of a customer; the cashier is making a recommendation that a person may want or not.

Relevance is important for this strategy to work, provide customers with add-ons and features they may need or want.

Limit the Recommendations and Options

Upselling is a great technique to boost sales and develop a rapport with clients; however, providing them with too many choices may confuse them or result in a lost sale. When your sales team upsells, tell them to reduce the options a person can choose from.

Give a customer two or three at the most choices of upgrades or complementary items. This increases the possibility of a successful sale and a satisfied customer that thinks he or she got a good deal.

Let the Customer Sell Himself or Herself

When a customer who has a current item realizes he or she needs an upgrade or more features, the success rate for upselling increases. Some brands provide tiered products at different prices, with certain advantages and limitations.

A customer has to pay more to get better services or items; this is an effective upsell strategy without actually making a recommendation or selling.

These are some of the most effective ways to utilize upselling as a sales strategy. Implement these to get the most out of each transaction, maximize profits, and develop good customer relationship.