Fall Code: Welcoming the Season in Style

Girl in a park in autumnThe transition to Fall is not just about pumpkin spice lattes and preparing for Halloween. It’s also about welcoming the season with a new, better you. Take this time before winter to get that style upgrade.

Here are some suggestions from Collectiv Academy, Utah’s top barber school:

Get a Makeover

Now is the time to don the latest hair trends — colors with warm highlights and lowlights to add dimension to your hairstyle. Ladies can visit their favorite hairdresser while gentlemen can schedule an appointment with their barbers for an afternoon of pampering. Utah is home to a great barber school that produces talents every year; you can either be one of them or get styled by them.

Every year, the styles change, so you should consult your friendly stylist to know the flattering cut of the season that will go well with your personal style. If you’ve been going to the same stylist for years, they may already have an idea of what new look would suit you.

Dress up in the Colors of Fall

Don’t let that hair makeover go to waste by wearing the same old clothes. Fall is just warm enough that you don’t need your winter jackets yet, but it can be quite chilly that you will need those scarves and layer your clothing. This gives you plenty of style options and lots of use for those cozy leggings you stocked up on the latest mall sale. The best way to get new items in your wardrobe without spending much is to watch out for season sales, as brands have to get rid of the clothes that are out of season to make way for a new stock. During this time, you’ll get great finds for a fraction of the original price.