Signs that Show You Need Dental Implants

Dentist Showing the Result of Dental Implant

An outstanding smile is the best accessory you can put on. However, missing a tooth interferes with both your health and self-confidence. Additionally, this issue affects your daily activities, such as talking and chewing.

Fortunately, a dental implant procedure can spare you from these challenges. A dental implant is an artificial placement of a tooth root to hold a replacement bridge or a tooth. Below are signs that you are in need of one.

You Have Difficulties When Eating

Missing teeth can result in uneven pressure on the remaining teeth especially when chewing. It also showcases the root surface which is full of nerves-endings. The outcome of this is an increased sensitivity to cold and hot beverages. If you experience these challenges, it is high time you undergo a dental implant procedure.

You Have Jawbone Loss

Jawbone weakening gives you a sunken-in face appearance. This appearance lessens your confidence in a greater percentage. When you have an implant, it will promote Osseo integration which is a process that permits the implant root to stimulate the growth of the jawbone. This will protect your jawbone loss for an extended period.

An Infected Tooth That Is Paining

After experiencing severe teeth issues, you might resort to dental extraction. To curb the problems that arise from missing a tooth, it is recommended to seek dental implant procedure afterwards. Additionally, dental implant can help to prevent progressive decay of the sound teeth.

You Have Chipped Tooth or Missing Teeth

If the ordinary means of restoring lost or broken teeth does not work for you, it is recommended that you go for the dental implant procedure. This approach ensures security, aesthetic appeal and also comfort for you. This means that you can laugh, eat, and talk without any fear.

During the dental implant procedure, the dentists will inspect any of the above signs to determine whether this approach is the best solution for you. With appropriate dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups, the dental implant will serve you for years.