Finding the Right Day Care For Your Child

Day care centers have been around a long time. But in recent years, more parents are looking for the ones near their homes or workplaces. They are also putting a premium on the quality of instructors and facilities. shares some tips to help you find the right day care in Phoenix, Arizona.

Determine your priorities

Before you shortlist potential day care centers for your child, you need to decide on what exactly you’re looking for. Are you looking for a center wherein your child can benefit from increased social interaction or better and more attention from teachers? Do you want one that is more classroom-based or one that feels more like a home day care? Perhaps you prefer a day care that is close to your home or office. You have to answer these questions first so your search will become more effective and you won’t waste your time aimlessly searching the Internet.

Prioritize friends’ referrals

If you have mommy friends, you can first ask them for referrals. It’s better to start your search from someone you know who already has a first-hand experience working with the day care center. Ask many friends, even extended family members, for their recommendations. Once you have shortlisted your candidates, you can start searching for them online, calling for an ocular, and dropping by to interview the management and teachers. It’s also important to check the actual day care facility for safety.

Check the quality of teachers

A good day care hires teachers with degrees and training in education and childcare. The same can be said about their administrators. It’s not enough that the teachers are smart and creative, they should have the qualifications, too. During your inquiry calls and visits, you can also ask the administration for their hiring policy so you can be sure that they are doing the basic employment and background check on their employees.

If you’re a working parent, day care centers can be a huge lifesaver. So make sure you take your time to choose well. Don’t just go for day cares that offer the best rates. Always look for quality.