These NZ Towns Could Be Your Next Home

If there is something you could learn from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy aside from “good trumps evil”, it is this: New Zealand is the most picturesque place in the world. This is not hyperbole. This is fact, pure and simple. And if you are lucky enough to have been born in NZ, it only means karma is on your side.

In a country where each town is a thing of beauty, just where do you settle down? Do you keep rooted in major cities like Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington? Or do you venture out into the great unknown and discover muted gems like Hawera and Stratford?

The Burnt Place

Hawera translates to “breath of fire” or the “the burnt place” in The Maori language. This name alludes to the town’s literally ablaze history: huge fires devastated it in 1884, 1895, and 1912. These catastrophes led to the erection of the Hawera Water Tower in 1914, which is currently the town’s most noticeable landmark.

You can climb this for a sweeping vista of the Taranaki countryside. And if you love all things dairy, Hawera is your ideal town. Considered as the largest dairy producer in the southern hemisphere, you can have milk and cheese all day long if you decide to relocate here.

The Gateway to the Forgotten World Highway

If you love Shakespeare, walking along the streets of Stratford will make you feel like you are on a Shakespearian pilgrimage. Almost all of Stratford’s streets share their moniker with characters from Shakespeare’s opus. But that is not all there is to this town.

Stratford is the gateway to two of New Zealand’s most captivating wonders: the Egmont National Park and the Forgotten World Highway. This is why a Stratford rental property is quite popular. The town sees many transients come and go.

If the hustle and bustle of big cities has outgrown you, it is about time to look for dwelling alternatives. Keep in mind small towns like Hawera and Stratford.