DNA Testing: Reasons Why You Should Get a Paternity Test

DNA Test TubeDo you have a nagging feeling that you may not be the biological father of the child you are raising or paying child support for? If this thought persists at the back of your head, maybe it is time to have a paternity test conducted.

Research has shown that the non-paternity ratio is one in every ten fathers and that about 29% of fathers who question their paternity are usually right about their suspicions. A simple DNA test can prove or disprove your doubts

There are many reasons why a paternity test is important.

It Strengthens One's Self-Identity

Knowing who your biological parents is an essential factor with the child's self-identity and self-knowledge as these are important aspects of a child's well-being. It will be very unfair to deny the child a chance to know who his birth parents are even if he cannot have any relationship with them. 

Rights to Benefits

Of course, you would be reluctant to pay for child support or leave an inheritance for a child that is not even biologically yours. The benefits that your biological child will benefit from include life insurance, veteran's benefits, and a lot more. 

Know Your Health History

Knowing both biological parents' medical history is very important. This can help accurately diagnose and provide treatment conditions and diseases you may be suffering from. This will also show you if there any serious hereditary diseases in the family that you need to be aware of. 

With the technological advancements in DNA test analysis, getting a DNA test is easier than ever. You can now buy DNA testing kits in the UK in your local drugstore or via online vendors such as That DNA Company.

You simply collect samples with the use of cheek swabs for both you and the child in question, seal them in the package, send them for testing, and wait for the results delivered to you via mail or email. All of these you can do, without the hassle of having to go to a laboratory yourself.