4 Landscape Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Hotel Building at Night

hotel exterior

A beautiful hotel design is nothing without the perfect lights to illuminate it during the night. That’s where landscape lighting comes in.
First, it is functional and allows your guests to see their way around the premises of the building. And second, it is decorative and adds an appealing ambiance guests will enjoy.
When planning the lighting design for the hotel’s exterior, it is important to work with a firm in New York that specializes in lighting. MPFP, a landscape architect, highly recommends working with experts.
Consider the following when creating the lighting design for your hotel:

  1. Path Lights
  2. Lights on walkways and driveways illuminate the path for your guests. Strategically placing short stake lights along the borders or soft down lights at equal intervals helps your guests find their way easily to the entrance of your hotel or to some other focal point.

  3. Water Lights
  4. Underwater pool lights make your hotel’s swimming pool the centerpiece of the landscape. You can also create highlights by installing accent lights within the surrounding greenery. A manmade pool or waterfall also looks stunning with underwater lighting.  

  5. Mood Enhancers
  6. The various types of light fixtures can add to the look and feel of any landscape. For example, string lights hung around pergolas or outdoor tables bring out a festive atmosphere, while path lights and accent lights give gardens a more romantic feel. For a mystical feeling, hang moon lights that cast a cool, ethereal glow up in the trees.  

  7. Security Lights
  8. Do not underestimate the importance of security lights; these give your guests more peace of mind about checking into your hotel. Install several motion-sensor floodlights around the perimeter to automatically light up when there is movement in the area.

There is no denying the impact of beautiful lighting on the overall design of your hotel. With a little creativity and the help of an experienced lighting expert, you can vastly improve your hotel’s appeal and the security of your guests.