Affordable Promise Rings Gain More Popularity among Men

Man making a ringMen who are unsure whether or not their fiancées will say “yes” are choosing to buy placeholder rings before popping the nerve-wracking question.

The trend indicates a growing number of prospective grooms wanting to avoid the risk of buying the wrong ring. For others, the choice of buying cheaper options such as moissanite jewelry has to do with costs.

This is understandable since nobody likes to spend quite a fortune on a meaningful present only to be turned down.

Alternative Choices

E-commerce companies have made it easier for people to purchase affordable options for engagement rings. Some people decide to pick a less common precious stone in an attempt to be as unique as possible.

That’s why even if diamonds have long been the dominant player in the jewelry market, many people have become weary of the precious stone not only because of its price but also due to a desire to find something unconventional.

A Frugal Choice

In the U.S., the average cost of an engagement ring amounts to more than $5,800. On the other hand, a one-carat moissanite ring could only require you to spend below $1,000. This type of stone is perfect for those looking to buy gemstone that has the same appearance of diamonds, without feeling the pinch of the expensive price tag.

Gummy rings are another odd yet interesting choice for an engagement ring. If you’ve been with your fiancée for a long time and you know she has a great sense of humor, these might symbolize a cute proposal. Then again, it’s likely that she hasn’t imagined receiving candy for her engagement, so proceed with caution.


Aside from moissanite, you can also choose from sapphire, morganite and lemon quartz rings as other alternative options. Whatever your choice, remember that no amount of jewelry will be enough as a substitute for sincerity in asking for your partner’s hand in marriage.