Protect Your Heavy Equipment from Weather Extremes

Heavy EquipmentIndustries including mining, agriculture, construction, and public works use a variety of heavy equipment to accomplish important tasks. While equipment for these industries is designed to operate in various conditions and terrain, the weather in Australia can be quite unforgiving. This is why it’s important to weather-proof your heavy equipment to avoid costly damages.  

Consequences of Broken Equipment

Unfinished tasks can cause delays, which may result in significant financial losses. To keep these bad consequences from happening, you should maintain your heavy equipment fleet, not only from regular wear and tear but also from extreme weather.

Understand Your Surroundings

Australian weather can present various challenges to the operation of heavy equipment. If you’re operating in southern regions, for instance, expect extremely hot and dry summers, heavy rain and bitterly cold winters. The key to protecting your equipment is to understanding your environment and how it affects your equipment.


Hot and dry wind blowing in from Australia’s Red Centre can pose problems to both operators and heavy equipment. To keep your equipment from overheating and keep it running efficiently during the summer months, it’s best to avoid using it during peak hours. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and routinely unclog filters from dust and dirt. More importantly, don’t exhaust your equipment, and allow to cool off at certain times during the day.

Winter Care

Extremely cold weather can also cause problems. The cold can keep your heavy equipment’s ignition from turning on immediately. Tire pressure in your equipment may decrease, causing tire failure. The fluids of your equipment such as the radiator, brake, transmission, and hydraulic fluids, may also freeze over – immobilizing your equipment and operations.

To avoid this, make sure the change your oil before the season starts. Use the right type of oil which can match the outside temperature, or use a coolant, to keep the engine running smoothly. Just be sure to check the coolant and water ratio to prevent freezing.

Shelter Protection

While you can combat the elements with regular preventive maintenance, it would also be wise to use temporary or permanent industrial shelter for your heavy equipment. Manufacturers, such as, design shelters especially for storing and protecting heavy equipment from the elements. With the use of industrial shelters, you can protect your heavy equipment from damage caused by the elements.

As long as you take care of your heavy equipment, you will be ready to face any project or work ahead of you. You can consult with shade and shelter solutions firms for shelter options for your equipment.