Make the Most of Your Tent Wedding Experience with These 4 Clever Ideas

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A wedding tent can bring out the best of any outdoor wedding experience. A perfect tent provides numerous decorating opportunities and styles that allow you to create a wonderful atmosphere, regardless of the weather. A practical way to have a wedding tent is to look for wedding rentals in St. Paul, MN.

1. Have a romantic drapery installed in your tent

A romantic drapery can turn your wedding atmosphere into a blast. It brings an elegant design that can reinforce your wedding theme or style. It is also one of the most dramatic and efficient decorations you can use for your wedding reception. You can use draping for the entire room to create divisions or hide unattractive curtains or features.

2. Use a classic chandelier

A chandelier is a must-have when using a tent for your wedding and reception. It is a great addition to your wedding décor as it brings out glamor to your exchange of vows. You have a lot of options for a chandelier, including wrought iron or crystal. You can hang them above reception tables or suspended from tree branches over the aisle during the ceremony.

3. Use proper lighting

Lighting plays an essential part of tent-wedding decorations. It offers many options when it comes to bringing the right color, brightness, and display to your guests inside the tent. You have the option to use multi-colored or blinking lights for a more playful lighting effect or use the traditional whitened lights for a more elegant appearance.

4. Use colorful lanterns

If your wedding is at night, you definitely need to use colorful lanterns inside the tent to ensure enough lighting for the rest of the ceremony. This is also a great replacement for chandeliers. You can have a couple of lanterns with several colors to bring a livelier feel when your guests are already inside the tent.

Use these four smart ideas to make your wedding tent shine.