Even with Kids: 4 Pointers for Having a Fun Holiday in Batam

Holiday in BatamIs this your first time travelling with kids? If it’s a long trip, you’re going to need a few helpful reminders. See if you can manage the following vital pointers for your upcoming family holiday:

Nappies, Wipes, and Extra Bags – If your children are below the age of three, they will most likely need plenty of nappy changes. Watch for signs that they need a potty change other than their usual hand signals or habits. Keep a number of extra nappies, wet wipes, baby safe lotions, and disposable trash bags for these sudden emergencies.

Snacks – Children will almost always be hungry so store up on juices, cereal, and easy-to-prepare meals that can be prepared with just one hand. This is extremely important if you're in the middle of a task and your child is already demanding nourishment. Expect a lot of mess so make good use of those extra trash bags. Always keep the food nearby for easy access.

Extra Hands – A family holiday can be physically draining no matter how fun it is. It’s especially tiring when you have to care for your toddler while trying to relax in the ambience of a restaurant that they might find boring. Do consider “hiring” a trusted relative, friend or long-time help to come along to be your official sitter. This is a safer and more involved option than hiring professional babysitters in other countries.

Rest Stops – Choose hotels that are kid-friendly and have accommodations for their entertainment. WOW Getaways recommend reading Batam hotel reviews for features such as kiddie pools, day care centres and playgrounds or play areas. If you need to leave your child for a few hours with the nanny or another family member, you can rest assured that your kids will have a good time too.

Your family should enjoy your travel despite your child's young age. Fulfil your kids’ needs and you will have more fun with them during your holiday trips. Besides, the memories you gain are truly priceless and are worth the added effort of bringing the whole family with you.