Car Safety Features in the Age of Technology

Car Safety Features in TaurangaYou remember back in the day when anti-lock brakes, air bags, seat belts and cruise control were the epitome of car safety? Well, modern cars outgrew those features, which are now considered standard elements. Probably some of the things Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service can manually repair these days are transponder keys and remote opening devices.

Features you once considered innovative technology are now ordinary devices as researchers continue to develop more tools to keep drivers safe and minimise the number of car crashes. even reports of Porsche moving towards self-driving technology.

The Automotive Movement

Jim Salek, vice president of an automobile association, says the development in autonomous vehicles or self-driving cars delivered advanced safety features to the cars of today. He says the revolutionary improvements in car safety came from a lot of effort. There are a variety of safety features available on the market, and some do come with hefty price tags.

Basic Safety Tech Features

If you are looking into purchasing, Salek suggests getting features that will assist you in filling driving gaps. The mobility-challenged driver can benefit from blind spot monitors and lane departure warnings that navigate the automobile back into the right lane.

The less-experienced driver can take advantage of electronic stability control that slows each wheel when turning to keep the car on its course. They may also consider getting forward collision avoidance technology that warns the driver of a possible collision. The adaptive cruise control will observe the driver-set speed and distance to the nearest vehicle.

For those who frequently drive at night, adaptive headlights will help. It increases forward illumination depending on road conditions. Meanwhile, drowsiness alert uses driver or vehicle information to determine if they need to rest.

With the current conditions the automobile industry is in, it is no surprise if a vehicle will literally drive itself without the help of a driver in the future.