Pulling Off Vintage: Men’s Modern Alternatives to the Timeless Classics

man in suitSome men swear by second hand clothes. The proliferation of stores selling them, from small town high streets to capital shopping districts, has in fact proven that few things truly trump a good vintage score. After all, it is difficult to beat something that is not only reasonably priced, but unique as well.

While vintage has its special charm, many of those trying to pull off the retro style often seem like they are sporting an I-transported-from-the-past look. So, if you are trying to step up your sartorial gear, but still want to look a little sleeker, it is time to go for the modern alternatives listed below.

Plaid Flannel Shirts

Walk into a vintage store and you will likely find rails of tacky and overpriced plaid flannel shirts that have aged badly. This type of plaid often come out awkwardly boxy as well, and can bring down your look a notch.

Avid flannel fans should try looking for more modern updates from outdoor or street style-focused brands, such as Brixton. A Brixton clothing will most likely fit better, and often come in fabrics better than those vintage finds.

Tweed Blazers

Characteristically British, tweed blazers have joined the ranks of the modern man’s must-haves. Instead of opting for vintage tweed blazer finds, however, fashion gurus recommend modern and well-made Harris Tweed jackets, as these are higher in quality. Buying new means you can choose from a range of colours and patterns, too, as well as flattering cuts for your shape.

Aloha Shirts

Aloha shirts, sometimes referred to as Hawaiian shirts, have earned a bad rap in the world of fashion. Between awful prints and questionable schemes, as well as sweaty polyester fabrics, aloha shirts, especially the vintage ones, can be a hit-and-miss. It is best if you buy a new one, as contemporary designers have already toned down some of the worst features of the typical Hawaiian shirt.

There is no disputing that shopping vintage can bring great bargains. Sometimes, however, they can be a little too scruffy and awkwardly cut that they are best banished to the recycling pile. Invest more on timeless pieces instead.