Mise-en-scène: Shot Composition is Essential in Shooting Commercials

commercial adIn commercials, it is important to get everything you need in every picture perfectly. The camera just acts as the eyes of the viewers, so they are limited to what you show them. This is why you need a good mise-en-scène.

Mise-en-scène is the arrangement of every element in a single frame in motion pictures. The things in the picture are important to completely tell the story you are presenting. This is crucial in creating films for the big screen, television commercials, and virtually any video project.

There are three important points to remember when working on the elements that go into each frame:

Mise-en- scène as the message itself

Apart from the voice-over, the background music and the dialogue, the pure visual aspect of the advertisement alone tells a lot about your message. Many ad directors just follow instructions from the writers and producers, while others inject their own creative vision. They are called auteurs.

The auteur directors may not change the slogan or the jingle that comes with the video, but they can send their message by using mise-en-scène. Many ads with the auteur’s seal receive high appreciation from critics and viewers alike.

Mise-en-scène for visual appeal

Incorporating all the elements you need to complete your story in less-than-a-minute can make the video cluttered. The arrangements affect how your viewers perceive your message. Too many things shown all at once divert focus and create confusion.

One way to see what you need per frame is through illustrated storyboards, such as the ones in the portfolio of the animatic production company Storyboards Online. This helps in planning the production without doing a lot of trial and error during shooting.

Mise-en-scène for persuasion

The mise-en-scène is the non-verbal gesture of the ad. It may encourage your clients to buy your products, or to sign for a cause. It may entice them to reflect on an idea the ad is subtly promoting.

More often than not, the subtle message is what moves the viewers to action. For example, the way an actor eats potato chips invites viewers to taste the same brand of potato chips.

Not everyone has the skills to plan frames that send the right message, create beautiful visuals, and convince viewers to action. You can hire professional illustrators to help you with this. A good mise-en-scène can make your ad great and your marketing efforts successful.