From Emerald to Marquise and Everything in Between: Diamond Shapes 101

DiamondThe shape of a diamond can significantly affect its value. Because each shape is cut to varying specifications, they will also reflect light differently and give each one its own brilliance and fire. AAA Jewelers shares more information below:

  • Round Brilliant Diamond

This is undoubtedly the most popular diamond shape. While it lends considerable flexibility concerning the 4 Cs, you may want to choose higher grades for greater brilliance.

  • Oval Diamond

This shape features the same brilliance as that of a round brilliant cut diamond. Oval diamond rings can also better accentuate slender and long fingers.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond

Also known as pillow cut, this shape offers exceptional clarity and brilliance due to its larger fact and rounded edges. They can either be rectangular or square.

  • Princess Cut Diamond

This offers remarkable brilliance due to its cut and can come in rectangle or square shapes. While a typical diamond’s color is primarily exhibited in its center, a princess cut diamond exhibits unique color in all its corners.

  • Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant cut diamonds feature trimmed edges combining brilliance similar to a round diamond and the emerald cut diamond’s fine lines.

  • Emerald Cut Diamond

This features a special visual appearance because its step-cut rectangular facets in the pavilion of the diamond. It also shows off the original clarity of the diamond exceptionally due to its huge rectangle table, making color and inclusions more prominent as well.

  • Marquise Cut Diamond

This shape is the most ideal if you want to maximize the carat weight through emphasizing the diamond’s size. Marquise cut diamond rings also lends the illusion of more slender and longer fingers.

  • Pear Shaped Diamond

This shape combines the marquise and round diamond cuts to give off exceptional brilliance, so it is crucial to choose one with outstanding symmetry.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond

Often falsely identified as an emerald cut diamond due to their similar cuts, an Asscher cut diamond is squarer than it is rectangular.

When buying diamond jewelry for gifting, the shape should definitely be considered even if it’s not included in the all-important 4 Cs — most especially if you’re buying a diamond engagement ring for the love of your life.