Testing the Waters: Colorado Companies to Look for Safer Rivers

River WaterWhitewater rafting is one of Colorado’s most popular outdoor activities. For decades, people around the world have been traveling to the state to try out the river rapids and experience a different kind of adrenaline rush. Big changes are about to happen in Colorado’s whitewater rafting activity, though.

Reports say that Colorado rafting companies are currently on the hunt for new streams. More than providing customers with different rivers to raft in, they look for other waters because the current ones are likely unsafe. Fast-melting snow and heavy downpour of spring rain make the rivers’ flow risky.

According to authorities, a 76-year-old California native fell off a commercial raft and into the river. The crew found the man quickly, although he wasn’t responsive anymore. The autopsy found he died of a heart attack caused by the cold water. All passengers were wearing helmets, flotation devices, and other safety equipment.

Finding a more Practical Solution

Looking at this case alone, rafting safety goes beyond just wearing vests and protective gear. The itself is already dangerous with the season changing. Officials say the Colorado streams have already claimed over 10 lives. Last year, 14 people died in the rivers in the same period.

People can’t do anything about the melting snow that raises the water levels and creates heavier surges. The most viable action the tour organizers can do is just to find new, calmer, and safer rivers.

Choosing the Right Tour Agency

If you decide to go rafting, it’s more practical to avoid going around the early days of spring. This is a risky time for water activities because the winter snow rapidly melts from the Colorado Mountains. To ensure your safety, choose a licensed and professional rafting company with extensive experience.

When you go on an outdoor activity, always be on your guard. Whitewater rafting is an accident-prone pursuit. But with the right Colorado rafting company, you don’t have to worry much about your safety and you can fully enjoy the whole expedition down the rivers of Colorado.