3 Tips to Keep School Uniforms Looking Their Best

School UniformsSchool uniforms can be some of the most worn clothing items in your kids’ wardrobe. This is especially true if they only have a limited number of sets for the entire school week.

It is necessary, therefore, to give school uniforms special attention and care so that they’d last the whole school term. Here are some tips on keeping school uniforms at their best:

Check before putting them in the wash

Other than checking the pockets for possible items left in them, check also for any small holes, buttons that are about to come off and loose threads. If you do not repair these before laundry, you might be surprised at how big the damage has become by the time you take the uniforms out of the dryer.

Tell your kids to inform you of any damages

Encourage your children to let you know of any stains or tears they might have put onto their uniforms while they are at school. Some kids may be hesitant to tell their parents about these things. You may easily remove stains when treated as early as possible. Let them know hiding these things from you will leave them with bad looking uniforms.

Avoid using harsh cleaning products

Though bleaching uniforms is a common practice, if you can avoid doing it to your children’s uniform, do so. It is possible to overuse bleach for clothes and there are concerns that the product has negative health effects.

You may also be using too much detergent for washing uniforms. If they aren’t heavily soiled, consider using less detergent when washing them. With the introduction of more ecologically-friendly cleaning products, there are other options for better washing of school uniforms.

These are just some simple suggestions to guarantee that your kids’ school uniforms last longer and serve them better. With proper care, you won’t have to worry about buying replacement uniforms anytime soon.