Countering the Downsides of Living Solo

Living aloneLiving alone is one of the most liberating experiences in a person’s life. You get to choose and try different lifestyles. You get to make your own decisions. You can explore things and even find your individuality. The solo life is a great adventure for anybody.

With the freedom comes its pitfalls, though. You can get through the difficulties of living alone with the following tips:

Who’s going to keep me safe?

Living alone can cause security issues. You will have to get used to travelling by yourself, going back to an empty house and sleeping without company. While this may seem refreshing at first, most people who live alone feel the paranoia after a while.

Ensure your safety by choosing a secure location. CBDs like Brisbane’s have apartments for sale that offer24/7 protection like security cameras, guards and alarm systems. Look for a travel partner on your way home. Carrying a pepper spray or stun gun is also recommended.

Should I only eat Chinese take-outs and fast food?

Eating alone can be quite disheartening. Some people even get lazy to cook because the preparation time takes longer than eating the meal itself. There’s the problem of not knowing how to cook as well.

Get over the melancholy by inviting friends over occasionally. Study recipes and experiment on food combinations. You can cook a large batch as well, stash it in the fridge and just reheat batches for your meals every day. Of course, this is applicable only to those who don’t get tired of the same food too soon. Even if you’re fine with it, don’t do it too often; your body needs different sources for health and energy.

I’m not good at cleaning.

A bachelor or bachelorette’s life tends to revolve around work and social life. Most of the time, they skip the housework. Even the thought of cleaning a space alone can seem daunting.

Give your lazybones a break by getting a regular house cleaner. It will be better, though, if you schedule a day in a week, or every other week, for house chores. If you really hate clean-ups, arrange your items early on with neat organising tools and make it a point that your cleaning implements go back to their respective places as soon as you’re done using them.

Loving solo has its boons and banes. You can tip the balance between these two by studying your options and reconsidering responsibilities. The best way to enjoy your freedom, though, is by taking action to counter the downsides of living solo.