Married To The Sea: Honeymoon at Miami

beach honeymoonBeach weddings and seaside receptions are all the rage today, and it’s not hard to understand why. The concept is charming, it’s intimate, and nothing says romance more than the quiet rolling of the waves. Time it perfectly at sunset and you’ve got yourself a spectacular rendering of one of the best days of your life.

Curiously, honeymoon and post-wedding intimacy plans by the couple are mostly spent elsewhere. They shake off the sand from their toes and go backpacking in the wilderness or head out for a stay at a luxurious hotel in a quaint town. Well, why not extend your seashore romance to the fullest?

Share a Drink Under the Stars

After the guests quiet down and head their own ways, take your new life partner out for a stroll. Whether you’re in Maui, the Maldives, or Miami, drinking a bottle of sparkling wine or a rosé under the stars with sand under your feet will always be romantic. Talk about the future while watching the waves.

Book a Room with a View

Head into your beautiful hotel room when all the wine is gone and the stars start hiding out. For an even more intimate space, go for fancy short-term accommodations like the offerings of Luxury Rentals Miami Beach. Enjoy your privacy while you bask in the glory of the spectacular scene.

Play House

The benefit of renting an actual house or an apartment for the week comes with the complete set of amenities available. You can play house, shop for fresh sea produce and cook together. You can act like kids and jump on the beds. You can prepare for the bigger roles you will take on in the future, too.

Swim, Dive, or Cruise

Time at the beach means plenty of fun ocean activities. Wife can’t swim? Teach her how to float. Never tried diving? Go for a thrilling cliff dive or try snorkeling together. Just want to relax? Book a small yacht and cruise away. Build sandcastles, bury each other in the sand, sunbathe holding hands.

No matter what you plan and decide to do, what matters best is the company. You are with your one true love, what else could go wrong?