Taking Action Against Asbestos: What To Do When You Are At Risk of Exposure

asbestos removalAsbestos is an effective insulator and fire retardant. Between the 1940s and 1970s, the construction industry used it for those purposes. It was discovered later on, however, that asbestos is extremely hazardous to health.

If you discover asbestos in your home, don’t try to remove it yourself. Removing asbestos without proper equipment can cause serious damage to your health. Its fibres are very dangerous that inhalation increases your risk of developing lung ailments. To avoid these problems, here are the things that you should do:

Leave the fibres undisturbed

If you believe there’s asbestos in your home, don’t panic. It’s not harmful if you leave it undisturbed. It’s only when the fibres become airborne that they can cause major health issues to yourself and anyone who has inhaled the airborne fibres.

Call a local asbestos removal company

The best thing you can do is to call an expert in asbestos in Perth. They are properly equipped in evaluating the presence of asbestos in a home or business. They also know the course of action necessary for safe removal.

Determine if the asbestos needs to be removed

After evaluation, you will have to decide on the next steps to take. That depends on the condition or location of the material with asbestos. If the material is in good shape or in an area that is out of the way, such as in the crawlspace, it would be better to leave it in place. However, if the asbestos-filled material is deteriorating or in an area that is likely to be disturbed, then you should have the asbestos removed. You should act quickly before disturbances due to sanding or sawing release the fibres into the air.

Asbestos removal is a serious matter. You can’t ignore the damages it can cause to you and your family’s health. So before you do anything, ask for the assistance of a professional.