Conducting a Master Painter Background Check

painting servicesAnyone may attempt to paint a wall. But, put the work of an amateur side by side with the work of a professional, and the difference couldn’t be more obvious. Why is there such a disparity? Normal people may never know, but it’s common practice to hire only master painters to get the job done.

I Want to be The Very Best

The only problem with that system is that there are so many people claiming to be master painters, or have the skills of one. There’s an argument for conducting the necessary research online to expose the charlatans quickly, but that only works if customers know what they’re looking for.

Based on the template of well-known master painters of in Perth, the requirements they fulfil can serve as a reliable guideline of things people can check to see if the people they’re working with are the real deal.

Registered Across the Land

One of the first things customers should check is if the painters are registered with any group or organisation. This will make them easier to chase or hold accountable for anything that might go wrong with the job. It’s a requirement of the Building Commission for any painters and decorators operating under the twenty-sixth parallel of Western Australia.

Past Customers Will Understand, The Power That’s Inside

The only way to judge a painter is by their work, and the only way to do that without letting them put brush to wall first, is to check with their previous customers. Every painter has a list of references ready, which should be able to give new customers an idea of the average level of work that’s expected.

The Deadlines Will Pull us Through

Another thing a master painter should tell their customers right after inspecting the property is the start and end date of the project, as well as the amount of paint needed. Painters with even a low level of skill can make something good, but it takes a master painter to know how long they’ll be able to do it. Most of the high-level painters schedule their projects around weekends or vacation time to cause as little inconvenience to customers as possible.