North American Connection – The Keystone XL Pipeline

US Canada pipelineIt is in America where the full effect of industrialisation, globalisation and modernisation are most evident. New York City is the best example of a modern metropolis, multicultural, innovative and influential. Their economy combines Wall Street’s corporate prowess with the regular person’s blue-collar expertise that results in their highest-rank status in the international landscape.

Going on for a year or two now is the debate about Keystone XL pipeline. The environmental, political and economical deliberations are still going on, but as of January 29, their senate department passed the bill allowing the construction to progress without interference from the government. It is an operation that would require a great amount of plant hire services if done in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia.

Background of the Keystone Pipeline

The Keystone XL is a mere extension in the Keystone Pipeline System, albeit a thousand-mile expansion at that. The pipeline system has four phases, XL being the fourth, and the three are already operational, though the third is still undergoing several constructions. The Keystone Pipeline, AKA phase I, delivers oil from Hardistry, Alberta in Canada to the American states of Nebraska and Illinois. The second phase, the Keystone-Cushing extension, is a 480-kilometre pipeline that runs from Steele City, Nebraska to Cushing, Oklahoma. Phase III, the Gulf Coast Extension, runs from Oklahoma to two locations in Texas.

The Keystone XL

It is basically a duplicate of phase I, although it will be a lot shorter at 1,179 miles compared to the Keystone Pipeline’s enormous 2, 147 miles. Make no mistake, as the project is still a massive undertaking because unlike the phase I that is built near state boarders, the XL will run in the middle of three states. It aims to deliver more than the Gulf Coast Extension, which transports 700,000 barrels of Canadian crude each day.

To pipeline construction firms, this project is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Nevertheless, here in Australia, what with the booming mining and oil industry, that one big opportunity is still on the books.