Rev Up! 3 Preparation Tips before Going for a Motorcycle Trip

Motorcycle TourOutdoor adventures are among the most preferred weekend activities of men today. The fun of seeing exceptional sights and the adrenaline of every activity are just a few of the reasons they want it. Among these adventures is going out for a motorcycle trip.

Travel companies such as recommend motorcycle tours across the Philippines because the country is home to a vast range of landscapes worth seeing. From north to south, all roads lead to a fun and memorable experience. To make sure that you have fun, you must prepare thoroughly before riding out.

Make a Checklist of Things to Bring

Unlike cars, big bikes have limited storage space. Usually, you only have two small compartments on the side of the seat. That is why you need to bring only the essential things such as an extra pair of pants, two or three extra shirts, two pairs of socks, a couple of undies, sleeping bag, and a jacket. In addition, never forget to bring toiletries, medicines, phone charger, ID, roadside insurance, and lots of cash.

Prepare for the Weather and Ensure Safety

In case you are going out on a rainy season, bring a rain suit and a cover for your bike. The last thing you want to get is fever and a soaking wet seat. Plus, be sure to bring your tool kit and safety gear. It is better to ride without extra clothes as long as you have wrenches, screwdrivers, pumps, and an extra tire tube.

Make Sure You and Your Bike are in Good Condition

Apart from the things you need to bring, make sure your road buddy is in good condition. It is rare to see a repair shop along the roads of the country. Change the oil and filter, so be sure you have good brakes and tires; see to it all the gauges, lights, and horn work. Before hitting the highway, fill up with gas. Now that the bike is ready, you also have to fill up. Pack enough water and food. Be sure to eat before going.

Being adventurous is far different from being careless. Have the initiative to look after yourself and your ride. Always be in your best self when taking motorcycle tours to fully enjoy the experience.