Why You Should Sleep without Dentures

DenturesIn the movies, one of the typical scenes that probably make you cringe is the sight of dentures in a glass of water. The wearer is sleeping deeply, while the false teeth soaks bedside. It may not be a pleasant view, but that is actually the right way to care for it.

If you disapprove of the idea just because the thought is disgusting, think again. According to a Manchester dental authority, cheadlehulmedental.com, wearing your dentures during sleep is ill advised, as it causes you more harm than good. Other than having no use for it while asleep, you have more reasons to take them outcome bedtime.

Lowering Your Risk for Pneumonia

A recent study shows that sleeping with dentures makes the wearer more prone to pneumonia and other serious illnesses. The scientific finding once again validated the link between oral hygiene and health.

You might not be as old as the senior citizens involved in the study, but you cannot ignore this discovery. Pneumonia can strike regardless of your age— at least 5 out of 1,000 British adults are affected by this potentially fatal lung infection yearly.

Helping Your Mouth Recover

Wearing dentures throughout the day is taxing for your gums. One way to give your mouth a break is to remove them for about 6 to 8 hours a day—fittingly, the same amount of sleep you need every day. Taking out your false teeth before going to bed is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Making Your False Teeth Cleaner

Much like your natural teeth, dentures are susceptible to discolouration, tartar build-up and bacterial growth. Simply brushing them is not enough; you should soak them in warm water, or a half-water, half-vinegar solution as an additional cleanser for better care.

Your dental habits affect your overall well-being—it is true even if you are just wearing false teeth. Your dentures are as delicate as your health; take good care of them and you can enjoy a comfortable life.