Top 5 Things Readers Hate on Websites

web designYou cannot afford to ignore what your readers want. Attracting customers is hard, but retaining and grabbing their interest is more difficult.

Never annoy your readers. Poor user experience can drive users away, leading to poor organic search listing option and a bad reputation. The web design Perth companies prefer is one that would help a business attain online success.

Things You Must Not Put On Your Website

First impressions last so make sure your website leaves a remarkable one because if you fail, people will never revisit you again.

They say a page visitor only allots seven seconds to decide whether he/she will click further or press the back button. This is why it is important to make your customers completely figure out the purpose of your website in a short time.

Here are the top 5 things that makes your readers leave your website:

1. Pop-Up Ads

Pop-up ads are seriously annoying, interruptive gimmick. Though some people like it, most gets frustrated with it and leaves your website. The opportunity to make them navigate your website further lessens. Most people only click flash ads accidentally, not because they are interested with it.

2. Automatically Playing Multimedia

People hate getting bombarded with your theme song or talking heads on a video which they did not press “play.” Some may press the mute button, but many would rather close the tab because it is easier.

3. Stock Photos

Using images on a website is great, but using generic stock photos does not help your website. Use pictures that can promote your products or services like happy clients.

4. Ineffective Titles

A well-crafted title grabs the attention of readers. They will surely click to read the details. Make sure, however, that it is not misleading and the content contains what the title offers.

5. Misleading Blog

Different websites have “Blog” button on their website, but when customers click it, it is a mere advertisement. This leads to great disappointment.

A good website draws more customers and return visits. Consider yourself a page visitor and think what you love and hate about a website. Even the best website has room for improvement.