Water for Stress Reduction

counter top waterStudies suggest that there is a strong relation between water and stress reduction. As dehydration can lead to stress, being hydrated helps in reducing a person’s stress level. According to research, being half a litre dehydrated increases the production of the stress hormones called cortisol. To keep the stress level down, a good hydrated status is important.

Stress and Dehydration

When you’re stressed, you are likely to get more dehydrated, as you’re breathing more heavily, your heart rate increases, your muscles tighten, and your body’s losing fluid. Being stressed makes you forget about drinking and eating, as well. Lack of water is the common culprit to common stress symptoms like headache, irritability, and constant worrying.

Staying hydrated can lower the psychological responses you have to stress. According to WebMD, you need to drink an ounce to an ounce water for each pound you weigh. If you live in a hot climate and exercise frequently, your water intake should increase.

The Scientific Relation

As your body is 75 percent water, it can only work properly with enough water. Other types of beverages do not function like water does. Water passes straight to your stomach and small intestine and into your blood stream. This helps supply energy to your cells, enabling you to feel relaxed.

Some drinks like coffee and tea makes you dehydrated, as your body needs to use the water in the drink to process the chemicals in it. Sugary drinks may also increase your blood sugar level, so you need plenty of water to bring it in a safe level.

Type of Water to Drink

It is important to drink the purest and safest water you can. Puritywater.com.au and counter top water purifier manufacturers recommend staying out of tap water, which is heavily chlorinated. You can use water filter and purifiers to eliminate impurities in the water.

Consume more water every day by keeping a glass of water on your desk at work. Drink small amounts of water throughout the day as well, to supply your body the right amount it needs. It is advisable to identify high-stress situations and drink more water at those times.