Working Abroad: Common Australian Industries

While Australia seems like the typical destination for vacations, it is the top location for people finding work opportunities as well. The Australian government offers professionally rewarding work environments for both local and international workers. The country also features a range of industries with substantial economic impact such as manufacturing, mining, and telecommunications.

If you are thinking of obtaining an Australia work visa, here are some of common industries you could work in:

Argyle Diamond Mine, Western Australia

Photo © Brian W. Schaller/License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0


This popular industry in Australia has encouraged immigration and improved the local economy. While the mining industry in the country started with mid-1800 gold rushes, the country is now a supplier of natural gas, coal ore, and aluminium.


Australia is full of stores and businesses looking for sales people. The common job includes selling retail products, homes, cars, Internet services, and others. This could be an extremely lucrative career if you have great interpersonal skills and if you are business savvy.

Faming and Agriculture

The agriculture industry makes up 61 per cent of the landmass in the country. Farmers in Australia produce rice crops, fruits, and vegetables. The farming and agricultural industry in the country offer many options if you are looking for seasonal jobs.

Skilled Trades

Common careers in skilled trades include electricians, mechanics, chefs, and carpenters. Most of these jobs require practical training or apprenticeship where you can earn and learn on the job. These include hands-on and flexible work that offers a great alternative for those who do not want a desk job.

Health Sector

As the country’s ageing health workforce begins to retire, there are more job opportunities in the health sector. Nurses are in demand in mental, paediatrics, and neonatal intensive care area. Other positions include midwife, pharmacists, and general physicians.

To start your rewarding career in the land down under, apply for a skilled visa for Australia. If you want a temporary or casual employment to supplement an extended holiday, however, you can apply for a working holiday visa.