Sweet 16: How to Prep for Your Party

hair salonTurning sweet sixteen is probably among the most exciting events of a teenager’s life. It’s a turning point that’s worth celebrating. While your loved ones prepare for the party itself, you should also prepare on how to make yourself presentable in front of your guests.

Read the following to serve as your guide:

Hairstyle and Colour

Decide if you want to keep your natural hair colour or change it for the occasion. Regardless if you’re going to do it yourself or let a professional hair salon handle it, hair colouring should take place a few weeks before the party. This way, your hair won’t smell of chemicals and you can give it some rest before exposing to different styling methods.

Browse online to find a hairstyle inspiration, like fishtail, princess braid, curls, or bun, and then show it to your stylist. According to Circles of Subiaco, a top salon in Perth, if you want a fringe, you should know what would flatter your face the best.

Party Dress

Choose a dress that will stand out. It’s your party after all. Go for the brighter shades of your favourite colour or follow a theme. Make sure that you’re comfortable with the dress, it shouldn’t restrict your movement and make it difficult to breathe. If possible, avoid long dresses that might cause you to slip.

Make Up

Depending on the theme of your party, you can either go for a natural, light, or dark make-up. If you have a favourite hair and make-up salon, book their stylist in advance so they’ll be available on the day of your party.

A sweet sixteen party happens only once in a lifetime, so you should make it count. Make yourself fabulous by preparing everything from head to toe.