Everything You Need to Know about Pre Employment Drug Testing

drug testCompanies in the trucking industry, mass transit, aviation, and other safety-sensitive industries require all their job applicants to take a urine drug test. Drug use in the workplace creates situations that can damage a company’s image and harm employees. For this reason, a job applicant must pass a urine drug test to secure employment.

Reasons Employers Require Drug Tests

Aside from ensuring a safe working environment for all employees, companies require drug tests to avoid legal liability. If an intoxicated employee harms a colleague, there are legal grounds for an employer to be liable for those injuries, as it violates state occupational safety laws.

Companies also require drug tests to save money and maintain productivity. According to the Federal Government, problems associated with alcohol and substance abuse cost $180 billion in lost productivity in a single year.

Types of Tests

There are two types of tests that usually need a urine sample. The first one is a screening test, which shows if drugs are present. The second one, on the other hand, is an evidential test from an accredited laboratory. This shows the type of drug and the amount present in a person’s system.

Disclosure of all Prescription Drugs

Some prescription drugs can cause a false negative. Make sure to tell your tester about any medication you’re currently under before taking a urine drug test. Provide a copy of your doctor’s prescription or other documentation for their reference.

Water Consumption

Typical water consumption is recommended during a drug test. Make sure not to drink too much water prior to the testing so your urine won’t be too diluted to test.

Results from Pre Employment Drug Tests

The turnaround time depends on the outcome of the drug test. When the result is negative, the employers usually get their copy within three business days after the testing. A positive result, however, requires additional testing, and thus takes more time.

Your lack of compliance may prevent you from getting a job. Make sure to know all these and abstain from using substances that may affect your chances of employment.