David Moyes: Man Utd Is Rebuilding

Image by Jason Gulledge | Wikimedia

Image by Jason Gulledge | Wikimedia

David Moyes, Manchester United’s manager, has announced his plans to rebuild the club after experiencing a 2-0 defeat.

Ready to rebuild

The club’s defeat means it’s impossible for them to qualify for next season.

“I think that everybody knows we are on track to make changes and do some different things. We are rebuilding,” said Moyes. “I understand it has not been good, I recognize it has not been good and it needs to be better.”

He revealed he was already planning on recruiting new players.

Crushed hopes

For Moyes, the defeat means he will return to Goodison Park, which prompted mixed reactions from fans.

“I’ve got to say I was so focused on my own job that I did not take anything in. I couldn’t tell you if it was a good one (reception) or a bad one.”