Adventures of a Savvy Traveller

Travelling is a way to de-stress and take time off from the daily grind. People who go on vacations tend to be more productive than people who don’t. Moreover, wouldn’t it be lovely to explore the world and discover the rich culture of other nations? Learn how to save big while still enjoying good food, destinations, and accommodations in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane and other tourist spots.

Here are some savvy strategies to get you started:

TouristBe Flexible With Flights

A minor tweak in your travel plans can save you a lot. Fly during the midweek instead of a weekend; fly with stops instead of direct. These small travel saving strategies can save you hundreds of dollars multiplied by the number of people travelling. Find a website that sends out alerts when airlines have sales and subscribe to their newsletter.

Travel Off-Season

Try to travel in the shoulder seasons, just before or after peak season. You’ll notice that prices are lower, the weather is nice, and tourist attractions aren’t too crowded. If you really want to visit during peak season, booking your flight three or four months in advance can save you some money.

Skip Expensive Hotels

Big expensive brand hotels cost so much more than alternatives but offer very little value to your money. Family-run hotels, guesthouses, and accommodations are more affordable and have much more personality than big box hotels. Another option, especially when you’re part of a large group, is house-sitting. In exchange for taking care of someone’s home while they are away, you’ll get free lodging.

Take Free Tours

There are free walking tours in major cities around the world. These show the city’s highlights and teach you about their culture. You can also meet cool, smart, and genuinely nice people.

Enjoying a vacation doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Apply these saving tips and you may just experience an adventure of a lifetime!