3 Design Dilemmas That Should Not Appear On Your Web Redesign Project

hand on computer mouseRedesigning a website takes a lot of effort. The process involves the alteration of various elements, which is especially difficult if your website’s been around long enough and its interface is all too familiar with regular audiences. You website is part of your branding efforts, and doing away with familiarity can put have a slight negative effect. You can’t afford to commit even the smallest blunder; otherwise, you run the risk of losing followers. Below is a list of mistakes concerning graphic and website design that should not appear on your next launch.

Depending On Stock (Put Item Here) Too Much

Downloading items like icons and photographs from digital repositories is not a crime, but dependency on such may render your website unoriginal and generic. How? Suppose you use an image of a dentist on your clinic’s website. Patients shop around for dental services and they visit your website and your competitor’s, which happens to use the same image. Using stock images means constantly running the risk of having the same content as someone else. Why not invest in a good photographer for original images instead?

Typographical Issues

You should remind yourself of two things here: choice on typeface and kerning. Typeface is an important element of branding, so be careful what you choose. You can’t use Comic Sans if you’re marketing a law firm; similarly, you can’t use Minion if you’re promoting a comedy bar. Also, make sure that your typeface choice is legible—always.

Speaking of legibility, you should focus on kerning. Kerning refers to the white space between letters. Too much of it can make your text difficult to read, while its total absence can cause confusion and misunderstanding. For instance, how would you read the word “click” without kerning?

Choosing Pixels over Paths

While certain graphic software can create very large images, it can cause glitches when it comes to reproduction. Software like this creates pixelated images, which become problematic when you scale their sizes. Use software that can create vector graphics, which you can use in different sizes without having any trouble about the quality.

A web redesign project is crucial to branding. You should be extra-careful with all the elements you’re going to involve. If you think that the project will take too much time, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a trusty graphic and website design.