Fun with Flooring: Design Trends of 2014

quality laminate flooringThe floor sets the aesthetics of a home’s interiors more than most people realize. It’s important for homeowners to give floor treatments as much thought as they would the other home elements. Flooring should be a perfect blend of aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and durable for every room, regardless of location.

In Canada, whether using carpets or laminate flooring, Cambridge homeowners today lean towards natural materials and colors. Building trends see a lot of stone, marble, and wood as they meet the understated beauty requirement that can match any decoration scheme.

New Purpose

Cork has always been versatile. Now stretching its use to floor treatments, this material provides a more comfortable surface compared to your usual hardwood floors. Due to recent technologies in cork development, it is now available in different colors rather than just the standard blonde.

New Woods

Bamboo offers a new twist of pattern in the usual hardwood styles. Not only does it offer fresh style, it also comes in different types, ranging from traditional bamboo flooring to strand-woven bamboo, which is more durable than the former.

New Technologies

Environmentally friendly techniques are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it’s branching out to different areas of construction. Reclaimed wood offers an elegant, rustic finish to any interior, without the cost of typical hardwood floor treatments.

New Light

Concrete flooring was previously only seen used in industrial establishments. With aesthetic tastes taking inspiration from past trends these days, though, concrete tiles are now found even in residential settings. Combined with the right design elements, concrete can be a sleek focal point that can go with any room’s motif.

Choose a flooring treatment that is most appropriate for the room. For bathrooms, tiles that won’t disintegrate despite constant water exposure is best. Materials made from strong, natural materials can liven up any backyard. Simple hardwood or carpeting can add a warm ambiance to any bedroom or sitting area.

The right floor design can tie your entire room together, giving your interiors a cohesive design effect. Invest in a floor treatment and install package that can guarantee flooring quality for years to come.