Anti-Islamic Film Ordered To Be Removed From YouTube

A U.S. appeals court ordered Google to remove from its YouTube video-sharing site an anti-islamic film that sparked outrage and deadly protests across the Muslim world.

Depiction of prophet

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Image by Rego Korosi

By a 2-1 vote, a panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of an actress who said she was tricked into appearing in the video.

The actress, Cindy Lee Garcia, had objected to the film after learning that it incorporated a video she had made for a different film.

The film entitled “Innocence of Muslims” denounces the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud and worse.


The verdict is not due to the film’s content, which YouTube said didn’t violate its standards, but rather on a copyright issue.

The movie sparked deadly protests in several countries worldwide in 2012, wherein more than 10 people died.

The controversial film has also been linked to the attack on a diplomatic post in Libya which killed four Americans, including the ambassador.