The Day You Become Someone New: Overcoming Self-Esteem Issues

undergoing full mouth reconstructionSay there’s this girl you’ve been admiring for a while now. You professed your admiration and what you received is just a plain awkward look that seems to say, “Seriously?” Consider another scenario at the office. You worked hard to impress a potential client, but you failed to close the deal.

Both instances can feel very devastating. Afterwards, doubts fill your mind. Looking at the mirror, you might have desperately told yourself that you should have gotten a full mouth reconstruction in Los Angeles to win that girl or accompanied that client during his weekend golf to close the deal you’re eyeing for promotion. Regardless of rationalizations, you should do your best to overcome these unhealthy self-images. Below are some ways.

Write It Out

Overcome negative talk through written words. Create a list of all the things that make you feel undervalued and depressed. Once everything you can think of is enumerated, make a commitment that you will do something to improve it.

Be Thankful

Being thankful may be the last thing that will come to mind when you’re enduring such negative feelings. But it can radically change your perspective. Think of all the things you have in your hands and use them to your advantage.


Put your records on, read a book, or browse the web for some advice. Deviate from these unhealthy thoughts, before they can get full hold of you. Just veer away from social media for a while, as updates may make you feel insecure for a while.

Make it Real!

When low self-esteem virtually takes a toll on your daily affairs, it’s the right to time to make some changes. You have a bad bite and teeth? Get braces or undergo a full mouth reconstruction procedure. Bad hair? Visit the salon. Feels like your favorite clothes don’t fit you? Go on a diet. You will have to exert effort to improve yourself.

Losing self-esteem stems from different reasons. Losing it will make you feel you’re not you; you aren’t able to use your potential to the fullest and you will find it difficult to enjoy the present moment.