No Windows-Android Dual Devices Yet, Says Intel

Intel’s tablet business general manager Erik Reid said that many of the chipmaker’s customers are exploring a dual-OS strategy that will employ both Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 8.1. It is, however, still in the exploration phase for now.


No Windows-Android“They’re exploring, they’re trying to understand opportunities, the usage models [but] most of the devices you’ll see in the market will be Windows specific or Android specific, but you’ll certainly see a few experiments,” Reid said in an interview.

The Intel official made it clear that there are no clear data yet as to how many will commit should the dual-OS strategy push through.

Intel’s advantage

Intel has the advantage in this venture if ever it comes to fruition, as it caters both to Google and Microsoft. Though the company is keen on producing chips that run both operating systems, any plans of a dual-OS crossover are still plans as of the moment.

The US-based chipmaker remains the largest producer of microprocessors around the world.