Go Solo: Best Places for Traveling Alone

travel insuranceTravelling alone can be an incredibly exciting experience. Apart from giving you an opportunity to explore a new culture, it gives you a time to relax as much as you want. Travelling solo can go a long way in reducing your stress level. It can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and know the things that matter to you.

Enjoy the rewarding benefits of going solo by planning your trip and obtaining travel insurance. Pack the right things and be ready to explore the best places in the world.


While visiting Sweden can be a bit pricy, every penny is worth for its beauty. The country is fascinating, vibrant, safe, clean, and easy to go around. It’s also full of attractions that are still enjoyable even if you’re alone. The country’s capital, Stockholm, offers an amazing opportunity to enjoy scenic attractions. Hop on one of the boat tours to explore the city by water.

New Zealand

Just like Sweden, New Zealand is also clean and safe to visit alone. It is the perfect place to explore if you’re looking to experience a new culture and see the most breathtaking natural landscapes. The best way to explore the country is to plan a trip trekking. Visiting Auckland, or the ‘City of Sails,’ is also an excellent way to get to know the country more.


Malaysia is a top travel destination in Asia. Visiting the country is safe, affordable, and lets you experience a range of outdoor adventures. Hiking or backpacking is one of the best ways to enjoy the countryside and experience peace and quiet at the country’s coastal resorts. Stop by the city of Kuala Lumpur for dining and shopping.


Iceland’s rich culture and cool landscape make it a perfect destination for travelling alone. The country is full of waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, and strange formations, which are all fascinating to explore even without a companion. Be sure to visit the Blue Lagoon Spa, a 10,000-square foot geothermal bath surrounded by snow-capped lava rocks. Its water, which is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, is known for its healing properties.

Regardless of where you are going, it is always important to ensure your safety. Study on your destination and keep others apprised of your daily itinerary. Stay healthy and get a travel insurance to back you up if something unfortunate happens.