End that Clog: Common Causes of Drain Blockages

cloged drainClogged drains cause chaos for many business establishments. This is why you need to get help from a professional plumbing company to minimise your loss of productivity due to blocked gutters.

There are a number of reasons behind clogged drains. Below are some of them:

Debris or Foreign Objects

Blocked drainage can happen when foreign materials are stuck between drainpipes and the pipes that flow underneath. These materials will continue to collect as time passes. They will prevent water from flowing freely and block the drains eventually. A choked drainage is unpleasant and requires immediate action.

Broken Pipes

A broken pipe can also block drains, as the water can’t flow freely. It may also collapse in worse conditions. The two most common causes of broken pipes are tree roots and poor installation. Tree roots can cause costly damage and may require detailed examination, as they cause enormous damage underground. The plumber will need to identify where the problem is.

Incorrect pipe installation also cause drain blockages. This is why you need to ensure that you work with reputable plumbers to clear clogged drains. Choosing the right pipes is an important part of any plumbing job, as pipes may misalign if installed incorrectly. Incorrect installation can be dangerous and costly.

Heavy Rains or Storms

Clogged drains can cause flooding and damage to property during heavy rains and storms. This is why you need to hire experienced plumbers who have a full understanding of the job.

Drain blockages occur for a variety of reasons, so it’s important to understand the underlying causes. It may also build up over time. Watch out for some early warning signs and observe how the water flows.

If you have ongoing drainage problems, the best thing to do is to call experienced plumbers who provide effective clogged drain solutions. Hiring the service of a professional is important to save you money in the long run.