Filezilla and Cyberduck: The Best FTP Clients for Mac

cyberduck softwareFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol for transferring files from one host to another, over a TCP-based network. Whether you’re a web designer or digital hoarder, you can use FTP for different purposes while working on your Mac desktops and laptops.

Regardless of the reason, it’s a good idea to get quality FTP client that can transfer massive files from one host to another. To help you with this task, here are some free FTP clients for Mac:


With its comprehensive functions, Filezilla is the leading free downloadable option for Mac when it comes to FTP. These functions offer users a range of views and options for customizing the software.

As an open source software, Filezilla comes as a free downloadable cross-platform program. It works well with Mac, Windows, and Linux, while providing full features, such as pop-up menus and drop-and-drag methods.

Apart from being an FTP client, Filezilla also supports FTPS and SFTP. It also supports a number of languages, while offering an easy interface.

Divided into identical images of file and folder structures, the main area of the interface provides areas for both the local and remote machine. It also offers a command window that shows what’s happening above the local and remote areas, and progress meters that take over the rest of the interface.

Filezilla even offers a portable version that users can put on their thumb drive, allowing them to use the software on the go. To learn more about this portable version, visit websites offering information and free downloads of Filezilla.


Cyberduck is one of the leading full-featured and accessible FTP client option for Mac. A free and open source software, it offers more than the bare necessities. It includes a range of preset options for connecting to different online storage options, including Google Storage and Amazon S3. These options allow users to browse their online storage options on their desktop, with deep integration into Finder.

Compared to other FTP clients, the front end interface of Cyberduck is more minimalistic and attractive. It shows only the functions the users need to view at any time, providing them an uncluttered interface.

There are other free FTP clients available on the Internet. To learn more about these, research further online, or ask tech-savvy friends, relatives, and colleagues for recommendations.