Biography Of Pope Francis Expected In 2014

popeA ‘full-scale’ biography of Pope Francis is expected to be out by next year. The deal for writing the biography has been arrived at between a leading Roman Catholic commentator and the founder of a pro-Catholic media organization.

Reset Button

Publisher Henry Holt announced on Wednesday that it had acquired a book by Austen Ivereigh, a British journalist who helped establish Catholic Voices, an organization that aims at improving the way the church is presented by the media.

According to Holt, the yet untitled biography written by Ivereigh will show that the Pope has pressed the ‘reset button’ for the church.

Off late, Pope Francis has been making headlines on global newspapers for his comments on hot-button issues such as gay marriage and abortion, on which he has said that the church must not focus too much. The Pope would rather have the church concentrate on the welfare of the poor throughout the world.