The Most Useful iPhone Apps for Busy People

iphone developersApplication development for iPhone has been a growing industry, as many people continue on patronising Apple products. In fact, according to a study done by The Nielsen Company, 29.7% of mobile subscribers in the United States own smartphones that run full operating systems. This figure will grow even more as time passes. With all the applications in the App Store, you must be wondering which would be great for your busy lifestyle.

Here’s a list of the most recommended apps for busy individuals:


Labelled as the “magic pocket” of the 21st century, this app allows you to store at least 2GB of data using cloud technology. It’s similar to a flash drive, but you don’t need a desktop or laptop to open the files. A desktop folder is available for you to access and send large files over the Internet. It also allows you to share information to multiple devices anytime, anywhere.


This on-the-go pocket notebook is ideal for people who always need fresh new ideas. Be it on the train, bus, or even walking to work, you’ll never know when your imagination will spark. This app allows you to record ideas immediately, so you won’t forget them by the time you need to conceptualise. Its text editor allows you to organise ideas into folders and share them to different devices.


Not everyone has the time to read articles online, especially when your schedule is full. This app allows you to save and archive articles from your favourite websites. This way, you can read them anytime even without Internet access. It also allows social media sharing, so you can update your friends and followers about your interesting reads.


This app gives you the freedom to organise daily tasks, as it aims to be the “global platform for human memory.” It allows you to take pictures, save images, write notes, and voice record notes and memos. With its Twitter integration in 2009, you can save links and photos from this social media site for future use. It also syncs with your computer, so you can transfer files easily.

If you want to make a more personalised app for your lifestyle, many iPhone developers are offering their services worldwide. Visit websites for more information about developers in your area.