Adapting to Overpopulated Line-ups: Unwritten Surfing Rules

Australia has some of the best beaches and waves, creating the perfect mix for surfers. The 70 km beaches and epic point breaks are the factors that made the city a surfer’s paradise. Along with this is overpopulated line-ups and many hotel accommodations in Surfer’s Paradise.

As more people flock to Gold Coast to surf, you’ll need to learn the unwritten surfing rules and etiquette to be respected by other surfers in the line-up.

Don’t Drop In

The surfer closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way or is the priority. Before taking off on a wave, make sure no one is on your inside. Always check if there’s someone behind you before taking off.

Don’t Paddle Out through the Break

Don’t paddle out through the line-up or where the breaking area of the waves are. By paddling around the breaking part, you won’t interfere with another surfers’ ride and will reduce the risk of getting hit by their boards. If you get caught inside, stay in the white water and paddle around the break or go in and paddle out again. Respect other surfers and don’t ruin their rides. Respect begets respect.

Don’t Hog the Waves and Share the Ocean

Don’t catch every single wave that comes through. You’ll only create animosity with other surfers in the line-up. Share the ocean after catching a few good waves. Learn to give and you’ll receive. Make friends with other surfers and locals and don’t hog the waves. You can even hang out with them at a nearby hotel in Surfer’s Paradise and have a few drinks after the surf session.

Don’t Snake and Respect Surfing

Don’t paddle up inside when surfers are trying to catch the wave. Snaking is when a surfer who’s nowhere near the take-off point paddles over and tries to steal the wave from the surfer at the peak. Snaking will only get you little to no respect from surfers. This is just common sense and courtesy.

Share the ocean with other surfers. Don’t practise your competition tactics on those who are just there to have fun. Leave that for contests, not in free surfing. Always remember that the ocean is there for everyone to enjoy and share. Visit this website to know how you can experience epic waves and make friends with other surfers.