Content Marketing in a Post-Panda World

Content marketing has come a long way since Google rolled out its algorithm update Panda in 2011. Keywords are now carefully chosen and sensibly used throughout an article. Links no longer determined the relevancy of a page. But the biggest impact is how content was created and marketed to online users. Providing ‘thin’ content was discouraged and employing black hat SEO practices were penalized.

In this day and age, quality is king and strategy is queen. You need to make sure these two are present in your content marketing campaign. If you want to know which strategies to incorporate, we’ve rounded up the most effective ones to date. Follow these tips and you can be sure your content will reign supreme in this post-Panda age and beyond.

Relating Keywords to Context

Putting keywords on your content used to be enough to get your page indexed. This traditional SEO strategy is precisely why a lot of copyright infringers get higher rankings than original content providers. Google’s Panda update helped regulate this practice by using latent semantic indexing (LSI), which looks at keywords in relation to the context of your article. This helps Google’s bots decide whether or not it should rank your page.

If your main keyword is “jewelry,” for instance, there should be phrases like “engagement rings,” gold necklace,” and “diamond earrings” scattered throughout the text. To make sure your content passes this criterion, you need to improve your content creation process by including research, coming up with compelling topics, and using creative ways to structure text. This will not only make it indexable to search engines but also engaging and insightful for your readers.

Choosing the Right Forms of Content

One of the main goals of Google’s Panda update is ensuring quality in the articles that websites publish. These days, providing “thin” content will get you nowhere. As mentioned, search engine algorithms can tell if your article is merely a placeholder for keywords. To make sure you come up with well-written pieces that address the needs of your readers at the same time, mix things up a bit by choosing content types that best suit your company. White label SEO companies can help you in this initiative.

There are many ways you can provide quality content to your readers and one of them is through on-page text. This is how you provide information directly to your website visitors. The most common form of content that can help you establish your reputation and authority are blog posts and magazine articles. You can publish them both on and off your website. Press releases do the same, but they focus more on creating brands awareness through media channels. Newsletters, ebooks, and whitepapers, on the other hand, enable you to target specific audiences and information sites.

Videos are a great way of providing information, insights, and entertainment to your readers. Most people actually prefer watching webinar clips and video tips than simply reading all-text articles. When Google’s Panda update was rolled out, video sharing website YouTube saw increased online traffic and video streams. Mainstream media is effective in increasing SEO visibility – and using them can definitely give you a great boost.

Creating Content to Deliver Value

Search Engine Journal is spot on when pointing out the one question that Google Panda taught us to ask ourselves: “Am I adding value?” While the search engine giant sought to lower the rank of low quality websites, it actually pushed everyone to stop obsessing about SEO strategies and start focusing on delivering value to the one aspect of content marketing that matters most: online users.

So while you should still optimize your website design, functionalities, and copies, you must not forget your higher purpose of enriching the lives of the people. Strategies can only take you so far, but value can secure your success today and for many years to come.

Content marketing is no longer what it once was. Traditional SEO techniques no longer work and there’s no easy way to the top of the search engine rankings. To succeed, let alone survive, in the Post-Panda era, you need a solid combination of quality content and effective marketing strategy.

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