US Middle-East Peace Talk Cast A Familiar One

US-Mideast-Talks-KerryThe Obama administration has renewed its efforts to bring peace between Israel and Palestine with a cast of characters that were involved in earlier failed efforts too. Although there are words of encouragement for the upcoming efforts put in by Secretary of State John Kerry and his familiar cast, there is also a lot of skepticism surrounding the issue given how adamant the two Middle-east nations are.

The Cast

The day-to-day responsibility for keeping the talks alive for nine-months has been put on the able shoulders of Martin Indyk who Kerry rightly called a ‘seasoned diplomat’. Indyk has previously played key roles in the peace deals under the Clinton administration.

Tzipi Livini, active during Bush’s administration is to lead the Israeli side, whereas the Palestinian team will be led by Saeb Erekat and Mohammed Shtayyeh, both of whom have played important roles during previous failed talks.

Over dinner hosted by Kerry, the team discussed its strategy during the peace talks.